BASE Debut Plan

Following the successful token launch and presale on the BNB Chain, we are thrilled to announce the next exciting phase in our journey: the Public Base Debut. This significant milestone marks the official introduction of BaseBank to the broader community, as we transition from the presale phase to a fully functional public beta on the Base Mainnet. During this phase, users will have the opportunity to explore the comprehensive suite of features and services that BaseBank has to offer. From trading and liquidity provision to governance participation and earning rewards, our platform will be open for users to engage with and experience firsthand. Moreover, we have designed a rewarding system for participants, allowing them to earn $esBBANK tokens by completing specific tasks, with the chance to secure a share of the airdrop rewards. As we embark on this new chapter, we look forward to welcoming more users into the BaseBank ecosystem and continuing to build a decentralized financial platform that empowers the community.

Phase 1: Public Base Debut

As we kickstart our journey on the Base Chain, we are excited to introduce the public beta of BaseBank on the Base Mainnet. This phase allows users to experience the full functionality of BaseBank in action, with most features fully operational. Users can begin trading by providing their desired collateral and depositing funds into the BaseBank vault to start earning fees.

During this phase, participants have the opportunity to earn rewards in $esBBANK tokens by completing specific tasks. Each task carries its own reward factor, and upon task completion, participants accumulate reward points. These reward points play a crucial role in determining the share of the airdrop rewards for each participant.

In essence, the more tasks you successfully complete, the larger your portion of the $esBBANK airdrop rewards. For a comprehensive breakdown of eligibility criteria for the airdrop, please refer to the relevant page.

The total airdrop rewards will be determined by the overall protocol volume on BaseBank, starting from the beginning of Phase 1 and continuing for one month after Phase 4: Ultimate Kickoff.

Once the trading volume reaches $1 billion, a maximum of 1,000,000 $esBBANK tokens (equivalent to 1% of the total supply) will be allocated for airdrop rewards to participants. Additionally, following one month of full-scale launch, BaseBank will distribute 25,000,000 $esBBANK tokens over the next 60 months as incentives for both Liquidity Providers and Traders. This allocation will be sourced from our Community Allocation. For further details, please consult our comprehensive tokenomics document.

Total Airdrop Tokens: 1,000,000

Phase 1 Start date: September 28th, 2023

Phase 1 End date: October 30th 2023

Phase 2 - $BBANK Token Generation Event


Phase 3 - FLP Saga Event


Phase 4 - Ultimate Kickoff


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