How to place a Limit Order

1. Navigate to the Exchange Page

Go to BaseBank DEX, connect the chain and wallet, and click Limit Order. In the following we will take the BNB chain as an example.

2. Choose a Trading Pair

Once wallet connected, select any token pair, enter the amount of tokens you would like to place, set the Order price.

3. Configure Trade Settings

To modify your Limit Order Expiration Time, simply click on the "⚙️" icon located in the upper right-hand corner. By default, this time is set to "Never."

The Limit Order Expiration Time represents the maximum duration during which a limit order remains valid and can potentially execute if the specified price condition is met. Once this designated time elapses, the limit order becomes invalid and will no longer be eligible for execution.

4. Input Limit Price and Submit Order

Input your desired limit price, click “Limit Order”, and follow the prompts in your wallet app to submit your limit order. Submitting a limit order does not incur gas fees.

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