Phase 1: Project Inception and Collaboration (Months 1-2)

  • Month 1: Project Kickoff

    • Form a core team comprising developers, marketers, and governance experts.

    • Establish partnerships with and other key stakeholders.

  • Month 2: Research and Design

    • Conduct thorough research on DeFi protocols and multichain integration.

    • Define the project's tokenomics, governance model, and utility.

Phase 2: Development and Base Network Integration (Months 3-6)

  • Month 3: Smart Contract Development

    • Develop and audit the smart contracts for the $BBANK token, liquidity pools, and governance.

  • Month 4: Base Network Integration

    • Collaborate with to launch the project on the Base Ensure seamless integration with Base Network's infrastructure.

  • Months 5-6: Testing and Security

    • Conduct thorough testing, including security audits, to ensure the safety of the platform. Prepare for the public launch and user onboarding.

Phase 3: Continuous Improvement and Innovation

  • Ongoing Governance

    • Maintain and enhance the project's governance model, allowing users to have a say in its future.

  • Feature Development

    • Continuously develop and release new features, such as lending, borrowing, and additional DeFi services.

  • Security and Audits

    • Regularly conduct security audits and implement security measures to protect user assets.

  • User Education

    • Provide ongoing educational resources and support for users to navigate DeFi safely.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    • Explore strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance the project's ecosystem.

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