BBANK Distribution

Token Information

BBANK has been deployed on both the BNB Chain and the Base Mainnet for users to access and utilize across multiple blockchain networks.It boasts a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens. (which cannot be augmented due to the absence of a minting function in the token contract.)

Total Supply: 100,000,000

Token Name: BaseBank

Token Symbol: BBANK

Contract Address:

  • BNB Chain:

  • Base Mainnet:

During the initial Token Generation Event (TGE):

  • 25% of the overall token supply was claimable by our early users who participated in the presale round.

  • 15% of the total token supply is added to BBANK Liquidity.


This table provides a clear breakdown of the token allocation and its intended purposes within the BaseBank project.

Token Allocation


Allocation Percentage


Tokens allocated for the presale, primarily for fundraising and initial distribution to early supporters.



Tokens dedicated to liquidity pools, ensuring ample liquidity for users to trade and engage within the ecosystem.


Treasury DAO

Tokens reserved for the Treasury DAO, available for project development, upgrades, and community initiatives.


Validators and Signature Holders

Tokens allocated to validators and signature holders, potentially incentivizing network security and reliability.


Initial Developers

Tokens assigned to initial developers who contributed to the project's creation.


Future Team

Tokens earmarked for the future team, incentivizing ongoing development and project support.


Unexpected Costs

Tokens set aside to cover unexpected costs or contingencies.


Promotions and Marketing

Tokens allocated for promotions and marketing efforts, including expanding the user base and fostering adoption.


Management & Legal

Tokens designated for management and legal expenses related to the project's operation and compliance.


User Experience Development

Tokens allocated for improving the user experience, potentially enhancing the platform's functionality and usability.


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