BBANKLend is a lending platform that facilitates lending markets for pairs of ERC-20 assets. Each pairing represents an independent market, enabling anyone to engage in lending and borrowing activities.

Lenders have the capability to deposit ERC-20 assets into these pairs and, in return, earn yield-bearing BBANK tokens. As interest accrues, BBANK can be redeemed for progressively larger quantities of the underlying asset.

Ecosystem Participants

BBANKLend involves key participants, including Lenders and Borrowers, who interact within individual Pairs. Here's how it works:

  1. Lenders: They provide Asset Tokens to a specific Pair and receive BBANK tokens in exchange.

  2. Borrowers: Borrowers offer Collateral Tokens to the Pair and, in return, obtain Asset Tokens. Borrowing incurs an interest rate that is capitalized and later paid to lenders when BBANK is redeemed.

In addition to Pairs, the ecosystem comprises the following components:

  • Oracles: These Oracles play a crucial role in determining the market rates for both Asset Tokens and Collateral Tokens. They aggregate price data from various sources to provide a reliable and resistant-to-manipulation price feed.

  • Rate Calculators: Each Pair is equipped with a Rate Calculator contract. These calculators determine the interest rate based on the amount of available borrowing capital. Typically, lower borrowing amounts result in lower rates, while higher borrowing amounts lead to higher rates.

  • Deployer Contracts: Each Pair is deployed through a Deployer contract.

  • Pair Registry: This registry maintains a record of all the BBANKLend Pairs that have been deployed.

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