Cross-chain Swap

BaseBank's Cross-Chain Swap functionality empowers users to seamlessly trade assets from one blockchain for different assets on another, facilitated by a cross-chain token bridge. This versatile feature facilitates the exchange of numerous tokens spanning various blockchain networks, ensuring secure and rapid asset transfers by consolidating multiple platforms and protocols.

What's Cross-chain Swap?

BaseBank Routing algorithm finds the best price across every DEX. We compare prices from Liquidity Providers (LPs) with the best liquidity pools, split orders, and take into consideration prices, slippage, and network gas fees. For cross-chain swaps: "Overall best" is the optimal route based on amount, network fees, slippage, and cross-chain bridge costs. "Fastest" is the quickest route.

How does it work?

We connect over 10 networks, 30 decentralized exchanges, and offer over 10,000 crypto assets in one place. This allows us to offer the largest variety of quotes on the market.

Why BaseBank SuperDEX?

Trade a variety of crypto assets across numerous blockchains in one click with minimal slippage and the best trading prices.

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