Data Sources and Date Dimension:

  • Core metrics data are sourced from the Subgraph, which, in turn, derives its data from contract-invoked events.

  • When referencing dates within the Subgraph, the international standard time for daily statistics is used. Consequently, the date on the Dashboard's horizontal axis represents the international standard time date.

Base Pools for USD Price Calculation:

  • Within the Subgraph, several base pools are employed to calculate USD-related prices.

  • The primary base pool for stablecoin trading is determined by selecting the pool with the highest trading volume. The USD price of stablecoins is computed based on this pool's trading volume weight.

  • Additionally, the trading pool for the base token to the stablecoin of the chain is also considered as a base pool for deriving USD prices. Notably, fiat currency data within the Subgraph is used for reference purposes.

  • To verify the accuracy of data statistics, fiat prices are cross-referenced with third-party statistical platforms.

Core Metrics:

  1. Trading Volume:

    • PairDayData and TokenDayData are used to track daily trading pair and token trading data, respectively.

    • Daily trading volume is calculated as the product of the daily trading volume of each token and the fiat price of that token.

  2. Market Capitalization:

    • Market capitalization is derived by summing the dollar value of both BaseToken and QuoteToken from all pools, where BaseToken and QuoteToken represent the respective balances on the contract.

    • Tokens not listed on Coingecko, Coinmarket, or Debank are excluded from market capitalization display.

  3. Number of User Addresses:

    • This metric counts the addresses that have interacted with BBANK smart contracts.

  4. Number of Transactions:

    • The number of transactions that have occurred on BaseBank smart contracts.

  5. Pools:

    • The count of pools created within BaseBank.

  6. Number of Pairs:

    • The number of pairs traded on BaseBank.

Transaction Pair Data:

  • This section provides insights into Token Pairs that have been traded on BaseBank, with details including:

    • Transactions involving external pools initiated by users who haven't entered the BaseBank liquidity pool.

    • Turnover rate calculations.

    • Change ratio, computed as the 24-hour trading volume divided by the current market making funds.

Price Chart Options:

  • BaseBank offers optional charts to view token pair price changes.

    • "All" displays data from third-party platforms (Coingecko) for all token pairs.

    • "Only BaseBank" showcases transactions executed exclusively through BaseBank liquidity.

    • "Unknown Sources" includes data for altcoins with high price volatility, provided for reference purposes.

This comprehensive table outlines the data sources, calculations, and metrics presented on the BaseBank Whitepaper Dashboard, offering a clear understanding of how the platform gathers and displays critical information.

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