BBANK is the governance and utility token of BaseBank that enables utility for users of the protocol and lets the community participate in governance. Governance token holders can shape the protocol’s future by suggesting proposals and voting on protocol parameters and future DEX and chain aggregations.

BBANK Price is calculated as:

Risk Factors

The value of BBANK is influenced by the following conditions:

  • BBANK may appreciate in value when traders incur negative Net PnL (Profit and Loss), indicating potential gains.

  • An increase in the market value of the assets comprising the index can also contribute to BBANK's value appreciation.

Conversely, BBANK may experience a decrease in value under the following circumstances:

  • BBANK's value may decline when traders achieve a positive Net PnL, signifying profitability.

  • A decrease in the market value of the assets featured in the index can also lead to BBANK's devaluation.

Nevertheless, in the event of a positive Traders Net PnL (where traders are winning), BBANK's fee income increases through a socialized profit model. This innovative approach helps mitigate risks, positioning BBANK as a protocol with lower risk exposure compared to others sharing a similar design.

Fee Structure

When purchasing BBANK, there is no fee, providing a cost-free acquisition experience. However, when selling BBANK, a fee of 5% applies.

The fee percentage is subject to change based on the asset's target weight and composition cap. If a user chooses to buy BBANK using an asset that exceeds its target weight, higher fees will be incurred. Conversely, when using an asset below its target weight, fees will be adjusted accordingly.

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